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Becoming Julia


You can take the boy out of the girl, but a Rev head lasts forever.

Paul is single, straight and 37 and nothing would suggest he is anything other than the regular, car loving “Aussie” he appears to be at first glance. Underneath it is a different story.


Paul is transgender, and although he still lives as a man and looks like a man, over the next 12 months he will undergo a gender change and live as Julia. Filmed by acclaimed film maker Ruth Cullen over a period of 2 years, Becoming Julia explores the deconstruction and recreation of a person.


"Paul’s initial appeal to me was that he seemed to epitomize the typical Australian bloke in so many ways yet he had no doubt that she was a woman. I was interested in the contrast between the butch male exterior and her inner feminine world and the point of transition where the man I knew became the woman he really was.” Ruth Cullen.


Becoming Julia

  • 2003

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